Keith Richards • An Honest Opinion

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…[he] has chosen to beat the ever loving shit out of that dead horse… The time is currently 6:03AM. Sleep eludes me. Fuckin’ Keith Richards disturbs my slumber. Keith Richards, as an elder of rock, has felt that his opinions matter enough to be spread; and something I read on[…]

Local H • The Killer Kings Of Kick Ass!!

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Happy Tuesday to y’all! So let’s get right into it! Today, the keepers of the Rock flame (my opinion, and my opinion, in this regard, happens to be the right one), Local H unleash their latest album on the rock starved masses. That album? Hey, Killer. Coming in at under[…]

Royal Blood • Rock For Rock’s Sake

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2013 saw the birth of another power rock duo worthy of inclusion into that pantheon of two-man bands who kick so much ass… It seems nowadays that bands have been forming and stopping at just two members. I mean, really, who needs the added headache of a bassplayer and rhythm[…]

Happy 20th Anniversary Ham Fisted!!

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Scott Lucas bares his everything on this album. Well, well, well, shame on me. There was a very important anniversary that took place four days ago, and I completely missed it. On January 24th, 1995, Illinois born and bred two man band, Local H released their debut album, Ham Fisted;[…]

The Monday Project • A Monday To Love

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…It just grabs you under the rib cage and won’t let go! I found them through a Twitter post, and an English blog that I follow made them a spotlight for the day. They are The Monday Project, or TMP for short. The duo formed in 2013 and is based[…]

Punk, Country, Outlaw, Siren • Lydia Loveless

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“I never claimed to be a Public Speaker…But that doesn’t mean I’m not grateful!” Oh, Lydia Loveless what more can be said about you? The Bunbury Music Festival was there for the taking on the Amphitheater Stage and you owned it. The thing is, not enough people were there to[…]

The 90’s And The Decline Of Music

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Man, I’m pissed. I’m more than pissed, I want to throw something sharp (like a katana) at my television. Why you ask? So here I am watching a DVD of one of the greatest bands to come out of the whole 90’s alternative thing, Local H. “Whoa“, you’re probably thinking,[…]

Ramones Rockin’ Heaven • RIP Tommy Ramone

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…a love letter to a group that helped to define a most beloved genre of music… On July 11 the world said goodbye to the last original member of punk pioneer group, The Ramones. Tommy Erdelyi was the original drummer for The Ramones and with his passing, we can at[…]