LUGOSI plays punk rock. You like punk rock. Therefore, you like LUGOSI. Brooklyn Punk Rock.


LUGOSI is a Brooklyn-based punk rock band, originally hailing from San Francisco CA, founded in 2004 on the basic pillars of making high-energy music, going to shows, and shutting down bars.

LUGOSI’s sound is heavily influenced by classic punk rock artists such as the Misfits and the Ramones, delivered with modern edge, thick guitars, and infectious melodies. As a result their music is enjoyed not only by fans of punk, but also by those fans of all rock genres.

LUGOSI’s reputation for entertaining live shows and sizable draws has made them a favorite local opener for many nationally touring bands, including the Dwarves, Smoking Popes, the Queers, Nerf Herder, Swingin’ Utters, the Loved Ones, and None More Black. LUGOSI has also made several appearances on the Van’s Warped Tour.

LUGOSI’s current lineup consists of:

– Mark “The Professor” Helfman (Vox/Drums)
– Chris “Hacksaw” Huban (Bass)
– Venu “Buster Brown” Konda (Guitar)

Since its inception, LUGOSI has released:

– “Edward 40oz. Hands” EP (2005)
– “Bullets & Poison” LP (2010)
– “Good Times on the Dark Side” EP (2011)

LUGOSI is on a mission to rock faces, wreck places, and drink with new and old friends. See you at the show!

Book LUGOSI at lugosiband@gmail.com

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