Machine Elves is an up-and-coming hard rock band, based in New York City. The band was initially formed in 2009 by rhythm guitarist Frank Fasano, lead guitarist Lou LaRocco, and drummer Tommy Mitchell, all veterans of the Brooklyn music scene and all with years of experience under their belts. The 3 piece began writing immediately, and once they had laid the foundation for a few songs, the band began to hold auditions for a vocalist. After several months of tryouts, they finally found their leader in charismatic frontman Joey Calveri.
Calveri is a veteran theater performer, who has been featured in several popular shows, most notably Queen’s “We Will Rock You” and the Broadway smash, “Rock Of Ages”, in which he still performs full time. These experiences allow Calveri to bring a theatrical element to the band which separates them from the crowd. His unique vocal style and wild stage performance was a perfect fit for Machine Elves, and just like that, the search was on for the final piece of the puzzle.
In spring of 2010, the band recruited bassist Howie Blatz, another Brooklyn born musician, to complete the band. Finally boasting a complete lineup, they immediately hit the studio, and began to share their music with the world.
Described by fans as “eclectic, quirky, and always entertaining”, the band has a sound that transcends categorization. From the circus-like feel of “Machine Elves”, to the soft and heartfelt “In My Mind”, to the full-on ballsy hard rock of “Stripper”, one would find it very difficult to tie Machine Elves down to a particular “genre”. Incorporating the use of various mind-bending effects, solid rhythms, wacky lead guitar lines, and even a Megaphone, Machine Elves keeps it interesting while staying true to their rock roots. Keeping it all together with bouncy bass progressions and explosive drums, the band’s vast collective musical experience certainly comes out in their stage show.
The band puts a lot of effort into their performances, regardless of the venue or the size of the audience. They have been known to showcase dancers, guest singers, and at times, the occasional crowd member or two during their live set, which is highly energetic and tailored specifically to pump up the crowd and promote good old-fashioned fun.
Look for their debut album, Fancy Suits And Cigarettes, available now on iTunes and Amazon.

New York party rock, the way it SHOULD be.