Roy Orbit is an American space rock band hailing from Brooklyn, New York formed by Songwriter/Producer Fotis Louzakos (Lead Vocals/Guitar/Keyboard).

Joined by his cousin Arthur Montauk (Drums) and even though they never embarked on a project together formally, the two have been playing together since childhood. Naturally the two began to lay down the foundation to songs Fotis had been working on a few years prior to bringing in Stathis which added the final layer of glue that formed Roy Orbit.

Meeting in 2005 in the Indie Rock scene in Brooklyn, Stathis Karathanasis (Bass) and Fotis worked together on a Euro dance project. Their success led them to other projects and productions, Stathis seemed like a natural fit to finally round out the trio in early 2011.

Roy Orbit is influenced by the 60’s Rock and Mid 90’s Alternative Rock scene. Though their music leans more across the pond stylistically, it holds a futuristic twist with no boundaries or format.