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13 is dark, brutal, and leaves the listener yearning for Satan’s long awaited return.

Black Sabbath, indeed. Sticking to what I said in a previous blog about Ozzy Osbourne not being as good as he was in his first two post-Sabbath albums, 13 proves to not be just another Ozzy Osbourne album. No, 13 is the new Black Sabbath album featuring the band in top form. 13 is dark, brutal, and leaves the listener yearning for Satan’s long awaited return. Tony Iommi, guitarist and rock god, spares not the listener with the wicked licks that run through his fingers. Geezer Butler runs the neck of his bass like he would a used-up whore, producing bass lines that are vintage Sabbath. As a matter of fact, that’s the main thing that sticks out about 13; it’s a Sabbath record. What do I mean? It sounds like a Black Sabbath album because it is one. It’s not Black Sabbath put through the works by some douche bag like Skrillex; which more and more artists have begun using, because why? Relevancy? Is there a good goddamn reason to even know his name? Anyway, you’ll never see a Skrillex blog on kilScene.com unless it’s to verbally bash him, this I promise you. Anyway…

13 feels and sounds like the album that should have come out after 1978’s Never Say Die. No disrespect to the late, great Ronnie James Dio, but I was never a Dio-Sabbath fan. I’m sorry, but how can there be a Black Sabbath without Ozzy Osbourne? Impossible. The band knew this as well, that’s why they eventually went by the name Heaven & Hell (although that didn’t officially happen until 2005. Rock god Ronnie passed away from stomach cancer on May 16, 2010).

“Does this sound a little loud to you?”

13 in recent days has topped the charts in both America and England; and, with good reason too. Metal fans, fans who love honest to goodness rock music, have been clamoring for an album like this, even if they didn’t know it. Hell, I didn’t know how badly I was awaiting this album’s arrival until it dropped like a ton of bricks from heaven. If in listening to this album you become nostalgic, and your mind, for whatever reason, wanders to Metallica‘s 2008 album, Death Magnetic, fear not. It happened to me as well. Two songs into 13 and I remark to my sister, “Does this sound a little loud to you?” She misunderstood me and promptly turned the stereo down. It wasn’t that the volume was too high for me. Metal should always be played loud, but it was the sound, it was just loud. Funny thing is that I said to myself, “I wonder if Rick Rubin produced this album.” And you know what? He had. I don’t know what it is with Rick Rubin and his productions as of late, especially with his rock records. It seems like he wants to go up to 11 every time. 13 is no different. Does this take away from the music within? Nope. As a matter a fact, I can’t find anything wrong with the album. The saying “same old, same old” comes to mind over and over again for me; and you know what? I’m not using the saying negatively either. Let’s try it together, shall we? Black Sabbath manages, yet again, to provide the masses with an incredible album. You may say, “Oh, it’s the same old, same old for the Sabbath boys?” Yup, it most definitely is!!!


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