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Desert Island Thursday • “The Black Album”


Bob Rock compromised their sound and definitely took that devil may care edge right out of their music. For this third installment of Desert Island Duh Month, we take a look at an album, that for some was the beginning of the end for Metallica‘s thrash metal ways; for others,[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • THRILLER


Hello and welcome my fellow kilSters to the second installment of Desert Island DUH Month. For this edition of DIDM, we feature Michael Jackson’s monumental monster, 1982’s Thriller. No, this is not a review of the 2008 25th anniversary Thriller with the extra tracks, remixes, and videos. No, no, fuck[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • Appetite For Destruction


that very first guitar stutter…the band takes us on a rollercoaster ride through booze-laden Hell. Today, my fellow kilSters is the start of Desert Island Duh Month. What’s Desert Island Duh Month? Well, starting today and for the next four weeks, Desert Island Thursday will feature albums that would surely[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • Robbin’ The Hood

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For those buried under a ton of rocks, before there was ever a Sublime with Rome…there was Sublime Today being as sunny as it is, and it being Thursday, that can only mean one thing my fellow kilSters—it’s Desert Island Thursday! For this week’s installment of Desert Island Thursday, I’d[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • 12 ANGRY MONTHS

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This review is a long time coming and I’m happy that I’ve finally gotten to it. 12 Angry Months is the 6th studio album by the phenomenal two-man group, Local H (Scott Lucas-guitar/bass/vox and Brian St. Clair-drums). If the band sounds somewhat familiar to you, you’ll probably remember them from[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • Enter The Wu-Tang


Wu-Tang Clan and their phenomenal first official release, Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) changed the rap game altogether. Aside from the explosion of Alternative, the 1990’s were also important for another genre of music. Rap. By 1993, rap music was on a steady climb to overtaking the airwaves. One of[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • Oingo Boingo A-Go Go

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Well hello there my fellow kilSters! As luck would have it, I’m stranded on a deserted island (No, not really…), and as it turns out, the only things on this blasted island is an endless supply of coconuts, batteries, and an iPod dock (Thank goodness my iPod survived the shipwreck,[…]

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Desert Island Thursday • Randy Rhoads


There is no such day as Randy Rhoads Appreciation Thursday, although there damn well should be! I just happen to be listening to the two Rhoadsian-lead Ozzy Osbourne albums, Blizzard Of Ozz and Diary Of A Madman, and whereas today people will try to downplay the awesomeness that was Randy[…]

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