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Got You Cover’d Monday • Just


There’s nothing happy about Radiohead’s music. Even when they try, the band has a morose, emotional style all their own. The first time I heard this version of the song, “Just” as done by Mark Ronson featuring Phantom Planet, I didn’t think that Radiohead could ever properly be covered by[…]

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Got You Cover’d Monday • There Ain’t No Grave

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Hello my fellow kilSters and welcome to this week’s installment of Got You Cover’d Monday. For this week we take at Brother Ely‘s classic “There Ain’t No Grave“. Brother Ely was a pentecostal preacher and musician who wrote the song originally in 1934 and it has been covered countless times[…]

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Got You Cover’d Monday • Billie Jean


Chris Cornell’s version breathed new life into a song that was already great. Michael Jackson circa 1983 could do no wrong. Before the his FBI files became common knowledge and the tales of child abuse became a bleak reality on his memory, Michael Jackson was the embodiment of international superstar.[…]

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