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Desert Island Thursday • 12 ANGRY MONTHS

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This review is a long time coming and I’m happy that I’ve finally gotten to it. 12 Angry Months is the 6th studio album by the phenomenal two-man group, Local H (Scott Lucas-guitar/bass/vox and Brian St. Clair-drums). If the band sounds somewhat familiar to you, you’ll probably remember them from their breakthrough 2nd offering, As Good As Dead which featured the 1996 smash hit, “Bound For The Floor“. Now you’re probably thinking, why was this review a long time coming if I so desperately wanted to write about the band, right? Well, there’s a simple answer to that. The purpose of Desert Island Thursdays is choosing ONE album from a group that you would want to be stranded on a desert island with and in this case its Local H. I’ve been such a huge fan of their music for years and they’re one of those rare bands that put out consistently amazing albums that it’s been a mental strain trying to think of WHICH album I would want to be stranded with for the rest of my days. Hell, I want to be stranded with ALL of the H’s albums, but that’s not how this works, so I had to force myself to pick one (thirty seconds before I decided on 12 Angry Months, it was another Local H album I was going to go with, but all it took was the one listen of the first track off of 12AM for me to finally go with this one.


this is healthy man anger that Local H spews out for 52 minutes of non-stop rocking.

12 Angry Months is Local H’s concept album of love lost, anger, denial, and redemption. This 12-song (every song represents a different month from January: The One With ‘Kid’ to December: Hand To Mouth) album is not your average whiny boo hoo type of lovelorn album like you get from some of other groups, no this is healthy man anger that Local H spews out for 52 minutes of non-stop rocking. Scott Lucas, in my opinion is the angriest man in rock but it’s not a hate-filled anger, it’s the type of anger that one could wrap themselves in, sort of like an electric blanket or something. To steal a line from Rage Against The Machine’s Zach De La Rocha, anger is a gift and Scott has been blessed with it ten-fold.

…the performance is the spectacle and when it comes to this band, they bring the goods. Every time.

Getting away from Scott Lucas’ healthy anger issues, let’s talk about Local H’s songs. The H’s songs have always been straight forward rock. You’re probably thinking, “Yeah, so? They’re a rock band.” To that I say, “No, you don’t get it, Local H ROCKS, and if you’re a fan of the Rock (the genre, not the juiced up former wrestler turned bankable movie star), then this is the band to listen to. Scott Lucas doesn’t go all fancy and big-worded with his lyrics, just like the music that the band produces, his messages are always clear and the listener will always find several songs that they can relate to. They’re just a relatable kind of band. If you’ve never been lucky enough to see them live, I speak from experience when I say that it’s one of the best shows that you will ever see. There’s no fancy light show, no gimmicks of any kind really. Local H is just two guys on a stage, one playing guitar/bass (Scott has a bass pick-up on his guitar) and singing, the other beating the hell out of drums. That’s it. It’s about the music, not the spectacle; the performance is the spectacle and when it comes to this band, they bring the goods. Every time.


When Local H reached their height of popularity, there were many comparisons with that other grunge giant, Nirvana, but I’m saying right now, the comparisons are unfounded because Scott Lucas is not Kurt Cobain, Scott is Scott, Kurt was Kurt, Kurt was a great songwriter/performer, and Scott still is. That’s it. Sure, both bands share grunge roots, but Local H were able to get away from the grunge label without losing their God given talent. If anything Scott and Brian have only matured musically as the years have worn on (Ed. note: Brian St. Clair replaced original drummer Joe Daniels in 1999). Age has not played a factor, they’re still one of the hardest working bands around and even though MTV has stopped banging on their door, so what? It’s the music that counts and they have it in spades. If you’ve been living under several rocks and have yet to have the Local H experience, I invite you to do so. I have never steered you wrong my fellow kilSters and I have no intention of starting now. Feel free to have a listen to what Rock sounds like here. If you need your live Local H fix, but the band isn’t coming to your town soon enough for your own liking then fear not. Local H released two live DVD’s for your viewing pleasure. One DVD, 68 Angry Minutes is the perfect companion to 12 Angry Months. Released in 2010, 68 Angry Minutes is, you guessed it, Local H performing 12 Angry Months in it’s entirety. If that’s not enough for you, the special features to the DVD are truly special. One special feature is Local H performing another one of their great albums, Here Comes The Zoo, also in its entirety. Got you salivating, don’t I? Well then, feel free to purchase 68 Angry Minutes here. The 2nd live DVD is There Went The Zoo. 10 years after releasing their fantastic record, Here Comes The Zoo, Local H released There Went The Zoo with footage taken from their 6 Ways To Sunday Tour filmed on May 4th, 2002 at The Vic Theatre in their hometown of Chicago, Illinois. Thank me later. Want more Local H? Feel free to check them out here:

Local H’s Official Website

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