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Desert Island Thursday • A Real Live Dead One

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Hello my fellow kilSters and Happy Rape, Pillage, and Torture of An Entire Indigenous People Day!! That’s right, time to fill our bellies with delicious turkey meat and be thankful for all the things that enrich our lives everyday, whatever that may be for each and every one of us. The day being what it is, I started thinking long and hard about what a good album to cover for this week’s edition of Desert Island Thursday, and then the live version of “Fear Of The Dark” by Iron Maiden crept into my head, and I thought to meself, “Perfect.” Some of you might think, “How the fuck is that perfect for Thanksgiving?” Who cares. It’s Iron Maiden. Seriously, how could it be wrong, ya know?


if you didn’t know what he looked like, and your only reference was Maiden’s songs, one would think that Bruce Dickinson was a Viking king of the highest order.

Iron Maiden’s 2-disc live album, A Real Live Dead One was released in 1993 and even now, 20 years later, it is one of the best sounding live albums that I have ever heard. Iron Maiden has always been a band whose very pomp brand of metal, whether on a studio album or live in concert, always seemed to deliver the goods: perfect metal melodies and a singer who gave all of himself every time he stepped to the mic. A Real Live Dead One is a perfect example of the band in top form, but then again, if you’re reading this and you’re an Iron Maiden fan, would you expect/accept anything less from Bruce Dickinson and the boys? Unlike your typical metal groups that preached sex, drugs, and metal for every one, in Iron Maiden, one was always to walk away from their music a newly learned person; that is to say that Iron Maiden never bothered to dumb it down for their fans. A prime example of this could be found in the song “Alexander The Great” off of their 1986 album, Somewhere In Time. In 8 minutes and 36 seconds, Iron Maiden gave you the glorious history of brave Alexander’s historic rise and exploits. This is not a piece on that album, but it bears mention because that song is a perfect example of the intellectualism that resides within the band. Aside from their lyrical content, the band is not short on bombastic riffs and power hungry drumming, and listening to to Bruce wail, if you didn’t know what he looked like, and your only reference was Maiden’s songs, one would think that Bruce Dickinson was a Viking king of the highest order. Now, back to the live album at hand…

Iron Maiden kicks off A Real Live Dead One with the most excellent “The Number Of The Beast“. Whether you were in the crowd when the album was being recorded or you’re blasting it through your stereo system, one thing is definitely clear, the production value of said live album will most certainly make you feel like you were there the night it was recorded. Helping out the bombastic sound of the band was the audience that night that showed their love and appreciation for Maiden by how loud they were. All you have to do is close your eyes and you feel like your there in the massive throng of Iron Maiden’s disciples. Even for the casual metal fan, A Real Live Dead One would’ve grabbed you from the 2nd track (“The Trooper“). The song that closes this album of live kick ass-ness is the same song that brought me to write about Iron Maiden today. “Fear Of The Dark.” This is the song that turned me on to Iron Maiden and how fitting that it should end this most excellent album.


If you’re like me, my fellow kilSters, and you believe that a band is not worth their salt unless they can pull it off live, then this is one of the best examples that exists of just that. Please feel free to hook yourselves up with this wicked live album here. Now there you go. Have I convinced you yet that Iron Maiden is the best way one could give thanks on this day that’s mired in historical tragedy? Here’s hoping. Gobble gobble!!

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