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Desert Island Thursday • Pennywise • Same Old Story

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causing everyone in the punk world to simultaneously have a 90’s punk rock orgasm reliving their teenage years.

Last week, The Offspring announced their Summer Nationals Tour marking the 20 year anniversary of their hugely successful album, Smash. I know I know…that’s slightly exciting; but wait, there’s more. The Offspring is touring with Bad Religion, Pennywise and The Vandals causing everyone in the punk world to simultaneously have a 90’s punk rock orgasm reliving their teenage years. So in honor of this big news, kilScene.com has decided to highlight each one of these bands in the ever so popular Desert Island Thursday segment of the website.

For kilScene’s second installment of Desert Island Punk Month, we take a gander at Pennywise. Hailing from Hermosa Beach, California, the band formed in 1988 and gets their name from a most creepy, vile character in the Stephen King movie, “It“. They quickly rose to fame in the punk revival of the 1990s releasing an album every two years from 1991 to 2005. Out of all of the ten albums the band has released thus far, if I had to be stuck on a desert album with just one of them, I’d have to go with their third album, About Time. The album was released on June 13th, 1995. It is their only album to make it to the Billboard 200 and arguably their best album. About Time was the last album featuring all the original members of Pennywise. On July 29, 1996, bassist and main songwriter, Jason Matthew Thirsk died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the age of 28 after years of battling alcoholism and depression.


throw on one of those old punk shirts… and meet me in the circle pit.

Starting off strong with the album opener “Peaceful Day“, the album easily morphs from one great song into the next, thanks to the excellent producing of Brett Gurewitz and Jerry Finn at Epitaph Records. The album travels on through “Waste of Time“, “Perfect People“, and “Every Single Day“. It’s as if they wrote these songs knowing that every single song would go on to be fan favorites being played at almost every single concert of theirs. I know every time I’ve seen them; they’ve probably played 90% of this album. If you’ve forgotten why Pennywise is important to the punk world, I want you to go put this album on. Scroll to the P’s on your IPod or, for you purists, dig deep into that box of CD’s and dust this gem off. In order to spotlight every single good song on this album I could simply just show you the back of the album cover, it’s that good.
As you chant along to “Try” or “Same Old Story“, remember that they’re coming to your town this summer. Buy a ticket before they sell out, throw on one of those old punk shirts (I know you’ve still got ‘em) and meet me in the circle pit.

If you’re a fan of Pennywise then you already know how excellent this album is, if you’re just getting into the scene, then it’s “about time” you enriched your burgeoning punk collection by picking this Pennywise classic right here.

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