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D’NT • Live From Shea Stadium!

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D’NT came to Shea Stadium… and rocked my face with their brand of rock again!

I’ve been looking forward to this past Thursday for weeks. One of my new favorite bands, D’NT (Aaron Lazar and Mitchell King) first came into my life back in March at a different show, and yeah, I was hooked from one performance. They were amazing! Mitchell beat those skins like they owed him money and Aaron had the charisma and stage presence of a man possessed. The main reason why I approached D’NT? D’NT’s music kicks serious fucking ass! I knew that I just couldn’t leave that venue without saying something to one of the members of the band. One thing led to another and we were lucky enough to snag an interview. On April 24th, D’NT came to Shea Stadium (… in Brooklyn) and rocked my face with their brand of music again!

(have you ever seen an ugly meadow?)

However, we can’t go into the review of the show just yet. As evidenced from past shows that I’ve attended, the trip to the venue is just as interesting as the show itself. Thursday, April 24th was no different. Okay, let me preface this by saying that I had never been to Shea Stadium in Brooklyn before. All I thought when Aaron had given my girlfriend, Mimzy, a flyer for the Shea Stadium show was “cool, no long ass train ride into the city“. 20 Meadow Street in Brooklyn sounds like it could be something pretty (have you ever seen an ugly meadow?). From where our destination began to Shea Stadium was a 25 minute train ride away. In comparison to most New York City train rides, that is NO time at all. The adventure REALLY began when we got off at the Grand Street L train stop. Things grew creepier from there…


Huh? Where the fuck were we?!

Mimzy and I get off the train and we start walking. Say, where the hell did all the houses go? We passed by what I could only gather was a school, but resembled more of an abandoned Alcatraz after the zombies got to it. More walking, more concrete, more non-descript buildings, and by the way, there’s no fucking people anywhere on the street. That in itself was a little odd when you consider that we’re in New York, where people swarm at all hours of the night. It was only 9:05pm, and with no one but us two souls, the creep factor just raised to an 11. 12 Meadow Street, 14 Meadow Street, more walking, 26 Meadow Street. Huh? Where the fuck were we?! All the while, we could hear music. We retrace our steps. Where was this Shea Stadium? The fact that this neighborhood looked like Silent Hill after the darkness came was not encouraging us to continue our search for much longer . Then, we met “some guy” standing outside in front of “some door” knocking. He was standing in front of Shea Stadium. It resembled nothing. It was just another identical concrete, nondescript building, no sign out front or anything. It reminded me of one of those 90’s situations where you’re going to a rave. You get to the location only to find that the rave is being held at some abandoned slaughterhouse; one where you would’ve sworn that you could still hear the ghost lamb still BAAH-ing over the blaring sounds of Dj Misjah & Groovehead‘s “Trippin Out“. Into the unknown we go…


Look man, the singer is as tall as a tree!” “No man, the lead singer IS the tree“. Whoa.

The inside of Shea Stadium Brooklyn is not so much a venue for venues sake, but an apartment. Someone built a stage in the apartment, placed a couch here and another seating area there, set up a booth for merchandise, and hung some multi-colored stage lights and BOOM! Venue. I’m not knocking on the place. It was actually quite home-y. On with the review. Local band, Ancient Sky was already on the stage by the time Mimzy and I arrive. I had never heard of Ancient Sky before last Thursday (but then again, I had never heard of D’NT before that Grand Victory Show back in March either and look how I fell in love with ’em). I enjoyed Ancient Sky and their special brand of psychedelic jamming where the spectators (Mimzy and I) wished that they were on some sort of hallucinogen (mushrooms would have been nice. “Look man, the singer is as tall as a tree!” “No man, the lead singer IS the tree“. Whoa.) Ancient Sky jammed out each song on their set and we dug it. Up next, the band we came to see: D’NT …


D’NT was life itself.”

Aaron and Mitchell set up their gear and they get right into it (I kind of like that. D’NT came to rock faces, so that’s what they did, no jibber jabber. Just plug in and rock.).Mitchell was the beast that I remembered from the Grand Victory show. The man is just focused on bashing away on the skins and you could tell that he’s feeling every second of his playing, and that’s good because we were feeling it too. Aaron had a bit of that Jagger swagger happening at the show. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention at the last show because I was so focused on D’NT’s music, but Aaron was dancing while playing and singing. He had the whole frontman thing down pat. We were feeling it just as much as we had the first time around. To quote Mimzy from the Grand Victory show, “D’NT’s music is like listening to life.” That little comment didn’t make much sense to me then, but I got it last Thursday. You don’t go to a D’NT show and sit down. If you happen to be standing up there watching the band, you don’t sway, you MOVE, and move we did. The band’s set was over before we were ready for it to be over. D’NT is like that you know. They make you want more. Oh well, we’ll just have to wait until D’NT graces another stage. We will be there. In closing, while we wait for the next D’NT show, I wish there was an album out to hold me over until then, so to quote Mitchell when we asked him what was on his bucket list, “finish the damn record“. Pretty please, D’NT, with sugar on top………finish the damn record!


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