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Free For All Fridays • Irréversible

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As if we didn’t cover enough categories here at kilScene.com, we realized that we had nothing for Friday. Unless there was a concert review, we pretty much left Friday blank. I say no more my friends. I would like to introduce you to the latest feature to the kilScene family, simply titled Free For All Fridays. Free For All Fridays will run the entertainment gamut, from music reviews, movie reviews, amongst other things. If it’s some sort of entertainment, we’ll cover it.

Our drive and passion is now what it has always been: Bringing you the best of what’s out there musically, brought to life by the brilliant writers through whose words the music comes alive. That being said, just to add a little kink to the mix, we came up with this brand new Friday feature that you’re all about to delve into. Please let us know what you think of this new feature in our comments section below. Do you love it? Do you hate it? We want to hear from you!

The first installment of Free For All Fridays is a film review for the 2002 French mystery thriller film, Irréversible We hope you’ll enjoy it.

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George Kokkinos

… a single night in Paris …

Irréversible is a French film that was unleashed upon the world on May 22, 2002. It was written, as well as directed, by Gasper Noe and stars the enchantingly beautiful Monica Bellucci (Alex), the superbly talented Vincent Cassel (Marcus), Albert Dupontel (Pierre), and Jo Prestia (Le Tenia). The plot of this film revolves around the events that occur during a single night in Paris that have devastating effects for all four of our main characters; that being the haunting, savage and brutal rape of Alex. Oh, did I fail to mention that this film takes place in reverse-chronological order? Well, it does.


There will be no short takes for you and your pussy-whipped eyes …

I say this to all of you right now, if you are sensitive, squeamish, or your typical run-of-the-mill American, this film is NOT for you, or your ilk. Hell, Irréversible isn’t even for some Europeans, as 200 people (out of the total 2,400 in attendance) walked out of the premiere in Cannes. Why? For starters some people cannot take the ugliness of reality on-screen; nor can people come to grips with the simple concept of cause and effect; another theme that this film deals with. It doesn’t care what you’re not used to seeing in your average, puritanical American farce we call the film industry. You watch goddamn you! There will be no short takes for you and your pussy-whipped eyes; only long takes. The only cut for you is when it’s time to view another event that takes place as a way to give you the cause for the previous scene. Face what is happening and feel it. It says fuck you! You did this, so in turn, this bloody, awful thing is your karma. This is why the film is absolutely brilliant, in my opinion.


It’s easy to dismiss this as sick, weird, or even more insulting. Simply French.

Now I am human, so I can admit that the first viewing of this film is hard. However, I challenge you to stay with it, to not fast-forward through scenes that prove difficult to watch, and more importantly, to give this French art the chance it didn’t have when it was released. It’s easy to dismiss this as sick, weird, or even more insulting. Simply French. However, watch openly and form your own opinion; and for Christ-sake, once you have done so, feel free to have a go in the comments section. We await the minds of our faithful disciples.

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