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Got You Cover’d • A Forest

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So it’s Monday, the day after that match between Greece and Costa Rica, and if you’ve been wondering where I’ve been, well, there you go. I caught World Cup fever, and I’m sorry, but it couldn’t be helped. My team lost yesterday, so at least for moi, summer vacation is over. I’m very proud of Greece’s national team and the fact that we made it to the 16 speaks volumes about this particular team’s spirit and tenacity. This is kilScene.com though where music is king. This morning I woke up feeling a wave of melancholy, and I don’t know about you, I equate melancholy with Goth gods, The Cure.

no one can quite cover The Cure as well as The Cure does The Cure.

Whilst thinking about The Cure, I started thinking about their song “A Forest“; and while thinking about “A Forest“, I started thinking about whether there was a band out there that was NOT The Cure that could’ve possibly covered this gem of a track. As it turns out, several people have covered The Cure’s songs, and “A Forest” alone has been covered time and again by countless people. The thing about The Cure is, no one can quite cover The Cure as well as The Cure does The Cure. The Cure is the total package of what it means to be: Haunting, beautiful, a waking dream/nightmare.

Bat For Lashes’ “A Forest” is a stone groove, baby.

Okay, so we’ve already established that there can never be anyone who can successfully replicate or properly cover a Cure song to my satisfaction, but that does not mean that for those who have tried, that it was an automatic fail. That’s not the case and there have been a couple of notable exceptions. For this edition of Got You Cover’d, we feature one artist who took my favorite of all of The Cure’s songs, “A Forest“, and added her own distinctive flavor to an already perfect song.

Back in 2008, Bat For Lashes is the brain child of Natasha Khan and she originally covered “A Forest” for the charity album, Perfect as Cats. The song found its way onto Bat For Lashes’ 2009 album, Two Suns. Bat For Lashes’ version of “A Forest” has all the elements that make “A Forest” recognizable, but this is clearly a re-working of the song, and you know what? It works. Bat For Lashes took a classic song and made it all their own and they’ve succeeded in doing so. Bat For Lashes’ “A Forest” is a stone groove, baby. It works on so many levels and this was actually the first Cure cover that I came across that I didn’t completely write off. Bat For Lashes did it right. Natasha Khan remained true to the spirit of the song while also making sure to put her input that set it apart from the original.

Natasha Khan

Now comes the time when I want to hear you my fellow kilSters! What do you all think of Bat For Lashes version of this immortal Cure classic? Let us know in the comments section below!

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