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Got You Cover’d • Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon

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… watching drunk, provincial troglodytes stampeding to the dance floor screaming “Sweet Caroline

I have issues with Neil Diamond …A Lot! Perhaps it’s because an ex-girlfriend loved him so much. Maybe’s it’s because my Mom seems to like him. (And we all know that rebellious kids don’t generally like what their parents like.) Perhaps it was the years of bartending and watching drunk, provincial troglodytes stampeding to the dance floor screaming “Sweet Caroline” at the top of their lungs like the unthinking brain-washed sheep that they were. I absolutely do not think the man should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! Mind you, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame perhaps shouldn’t exist in its present form. However, that is an argument for another day, because one simple article can’t do justice to explain that train wreck.


When MTV was in the beginning of its death spiral but still sort of made a difference.

I was at a friend’s house recently where the movie Pulp Fiction was on and in passing I heard the Urge Overkill version of “Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon” in the background. Full confession, I really like Urge Overkill. I’ve been a fan since their fourth album, Saturation. I found out about them through the video “Sister Havana” on MTV (When MTV was in the beginning of its death spiral but still sort of made a difference.) I actually found the Saturation CD in my college’s bookstore and bought it that day. Saturation is one of those fantastic albums that did not get its justice as a complete recording. Some may call Urge Overkill a One Hit Wonder (Or two in reference to this article) but the truth is, they are a better group that just did not get their due.

Urge single

I really like Urge Overkill’s version of this song. There’s just something in the smokey voice and throw-back strut of Nash Kato that made it sound so fresh and new at the time it came out. I love to throw it on during a nice leisurely drive. The best part of it though, is that to me, it just never sounds old unlike the Neil Diamond version. It sounds contemporary with a effortless dash of charisma.

Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon” was initially recorded by Neil Diamond in 1967 for his Just For You album. It peaked on the U.S. Pop Singles Chart at #10. Urge Overkill recorded it 1992 on their Stull EP. Supposedly Quentin Tarantino came across the EP in a Dutch record store and liked it so much that he worked it into a scene in his film Pulp Fiction in 1994 where it peaked on U.S. Billboard Hot 100 at #59 and the U.S. Billboard Hot Modern Rock Tracks at #11.

Just For You

So there you have it, the story of how “Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon” ended up in the movie Pulp Fiction and got a second chance at music glory. Personally, and I’ve said this to many friends, I think that you can take any popular decent song and switch genres and make it better sometimes in the end.


(Ed. Note: Hello my fellow kilSters, kilScene Co-founder here and I just want to say that I looove Neil Diamond, so as a counter to Hunter’s fantastic piece here, tune in tomorrow for my “I’m In Love With Two Guys, and They Both Happen To Be Named Neil” piece. Part one, of course, will focus on the greatness that is the Diamond One. – G.K)

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