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Local H • As Good As Dead Just As Good 20 Years Later

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DISCLAIMER: This article should have been released May 10th 2016 while Local H were still out touring to commemorate the 20 year anniversary of their second album, As Good As Dead, BUT as things go, life happens and well, we can never truly prepare when something like Life takes over. You kind of just roll with the punches and that’s pretty much that. So as you can already tell, it’s not exactly May 10th anymore and 2016 has come and gone. Local H are no longer touring in support of their fantastic sophmore album with original drummer, Joe Daniels, back in the fold.I’m sure I could say more, but I don’t want to repeat myself. The following was written on May 4th, 2016 (a day after Local H played the Bowery Ballroom in New York…)

I’m a simple man. For me, that escape was/is music. That band was/is Local H. The album was/is As Good As Dead.

Wow…20 years ago, an album was released that was something of an awakening for me. The small town feel of Local H’s sophomore monster, As Good As Dead, was not lost on me. My teenage years were a mixed bag like every other teenager in existence. When things were great, they were really great; but life always tended to get in the way. You had to deal with the bullshit that also came along for the ride. Remember? When it felt like your world was crashing down all around you (Mom and Dad just dont get you, you feel alienated from the rest of society because in your mind, no one else could possibly be going through your trials of Whatever. We know better now as 25-35 year olds, right?) Yet, there’s always that escape, whatever that may be, for any one of us. I’m a simple man. For me, that escape was/is music. That band was/is Local H. The album was/is As Good As Dead.

“As Good As Dead” turned 20 years old on April 16, 2016. Twenty years of heavy rotation from my end. I’ve owned the album five different times in my life (stolen by my “friends” three of those times, worn the fuck out one copy where every time I’d go to pop it in, the CD player would show an “EER”, the Cd spinning with not much else happening, and there’s my fifth and final copy, which managed to survive thirteen years and counting.

…he was King Dick who wanted to show his friends how fucking cool he was giving the acned, fat kid some unwarranted shit. Well, fuck you mother fucker!

My story with this album, I’m sure, is a typical one, so I won’t bore you with some prolonged declaration of love for As Good As Dead as an album and, for Local H as the band that I connected most with out of all those that came out of the ’90’s ether. There were several and they were great for different reasons; but, for me, As Good As Dead was the one I turned to the most during those times of alienation and just utter confusion. Track 4 on AGAD,”Lovey Dovey“, is autobiographical for me. I KNEW that couple. They flaunted their syrupy sweet relationship in my face while I was sitting there trying to piece together why my (now ex) girlfriend was so mad at me (20 years later and I still have that problem. Foot in mouth disease is real, ya’ll.)

Before I knew what “Fritz ‘s Corner” was (hole in the wall bar in Zion), for me it had a totally different meaning altogether. I internalized that song. “Fritz’s Corner” for moi was me standing up to my father, it was my pushing back when some high school punk thought he was King Dick who wanted to show his friends how fucking cool he was by giving the acned, fat kid some unwarranted shit. Well, fuck you mother fucker! The feeling I got from that song built up my confidence. I can’t explain it, it just did something for me.

Something quite special kicked off April 15th. Live at the Metro in Chicago, original H drummer, Joe Daniels, rejoined the band he helped build after a 16 year absence. To commemorate the anniversary of the band’s breakthrough record, Joe will be with Scott and new(ish) drummer, Ryan on what’s affectionately been dubbed the Two Balls and a Dick Tour which will to be going through to June. Any plans beyond that are up in the air. This tour is special because it’ll give those fans that never experienced Joe-era Local H to do so now, and for others like myself, it’ll just be the height of awesome to experience that again. Do you want more? Well, you got it! No. Opening. Band. An evening with Local H. Period. Uuuuuuuuuum, yes please, and thank you.

It sure has been a busy year for Local H. Not only did the band release their eighth kick ass studio album, Hey, Killer last year, but this past December, the band released their coffee table book, “25 Years Of Skin In The Game“. A fun, insightful read for the die hard or casual fan. As this article is coming out WAAAAAAAAY past when it was supposed to, and if you didn’t get the chance to see Local H on their Two Balls and a Dick tour, fret not! G&P Records got the hook up, son! You can now purchase the blu ray featuring the 20 year anniversary show at the Metro! Local H was never a band that let their fans down, the bonus content of the blu ray is simply bananas! You get more Local H than you bargained for. No joke, there’s three freaking shows on one disc. You can pick up the blu ray right here. For all you “vinyl produces the purest sound” folks, you can pick yourselves up As Good As Dead on vinyl right here! Currently, and as of this draft (February 19th, 2017), Local H is touring Europe with Helmet, so if you hope to catch Scott and Ryan stateside, well then get your ass to Columbia, Missouri on April 6th!

Listen, I’ve said this in previous articles but sometimes a reminder is in order. If you love your Rock and if you feel abandoned by the radio/MTV, there really is nothing like having yourself a live experience. When it comes to Local H, and, if you have yet to have the pleasure, there’s no time like the present to remedy that little hole in the center of your heart. You will not be sorry… unless you don’t take advantage, then it’s you that fucked up and there’s nothing I can do for you. I dunno. Dust off your Goyte CD, let me know how complete you feel then. Sarcasm implied. Click on the YouTube video below for our interview with Local H’s Scott Lucas and Joe Daniels! A very special thank you to Mimzarela Wadsworth and Evangelos Goulas for their help in the video department! Lastly, a very special thank you goes out to the man himself, Mr. Joe Daniels for providing the As Good As Dead era photos that you’ve seen throughout the article.

*Photos provided by Joe Daniels

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