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Local H Rocks Roof Off Of Santos!!

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On October 5th, I came face to face with my day to day.

When kilScene.com was started, I had two bands on my bucket list: Bad Religion and Local H. I grew up with both bands. Both bands imparted something integral to my existence for totally different reasons. Bad Religion introduced me to punk. Local H took care of my day to day. On October 5th, I came face to face with my day to day.

Tickets for Local H’s October 5th show at Santos Party House in New York went on sale some time in July at 10 am. The tickets were purchased by 10:01 am. From mid-August to mid-September, yours truly was trying to score an interview with my musical hero, Scott Lucas (Local H, Scott Lucas and the Married Men, Prairie Cartel). Come to think of it, I think I was trying to score an interview with Local H waaaay before there was ever a show planned for New York. I scoured the internet and found an e-mail address for their manager (well, who I thought was their manager. It turns out I was contacting the wrong person.) They did not respond. A few months later I tried again. No response. I can’t even remember how I eventually tracked down their manager (the right one this time), Matt Vogel, but he responded! Scott was available for a PHONE interview. Okay, I’ll bite. It was an interview with THE MAN after all, but then a strange thing happened. I received an e-mail the next day from Local H’s PR person, Jill Mango saying that Scott was available for a face to face on the day of the show. What?! Hell yeah I was going to go with option B.

Once everything was set for the interview with Scott, I Youtube’d every interview I could find with Local H. I don’t know why I did it, or how it could’ve helped me in the long run, but I just did it. I knew right off the bat that one question that I wanted to ask was what the “H” in “Local H” stood for. I’m a diehard fan and I didn’t know what it stood for. Did it stand for “Hooligans”? “Heroes”? Other fans on the internet had their speculations, but I wanted to know from the Man himself.

I was shaking. Everything was shaking. My lip was quivering uncontrollably. It was bananas.

After a lot of back and forth between Jill, Matt, and I, everything was set up. The night before the show I was all jitters. My fellow kilSters, I was shaking. Everything was shaking. My lip was quivering uncontrollably. It was bananas. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. You would’ve thought that I wasn’t an old hat in the interviewing game, but I don’t know, something about THIS interview killed my appetite and caused me to lose sleep.

I think my jaw was still on the ground long after he went back stage.

October 5th… day of the show … day of my sit down with the Man. My brother and kilScene co-founder, Taso and I show up to Santos at 6:30 PM. The interview was scheduled for 7:00 PM. After we get security clearance, we’re led into the venue and then there they are. Local H. Doing soundcheck. Taso and I caught the last of soundcheck. Local H was running through the song “All The Kids Are Right” and maybe it’s because I’m a fan, maybe it’s because I love the song, but, I knew that we were in for a stellar show. Scott and Brian were tight as per usual. After soundcheck, now former drummer, Brian St. Clair came over and introduced himself to us. Let me say it right now, Brian was cool and I didn’t think to check, but I think my jaw was still on the ground long after he went back stage. Scott came over next and after taking care of some last minute details, it was time for the interview. I could go into what that was like, but you’ll hear it for yourselves. No, let’s just go right into the show…

Scott did his whole Scott Rock thing and played his heart out. Brian was a speed demon on the drums…

What is there to say? Okay for those of you out there who claim to be audiophiles and say that your love of music is that deep, you don’t know jack until you’ve seen Local H live. From the first song to the last, I couldn’t help but belt out every word to every song. Professionalism went right out the window. At several points during the show, Taso would have to tell me to stop singing along because the mic was catching my voice. I didn’t care. Local H was my all time favorite, second to none. How else can I put it to you? They’re the best. Period. I’ve seen several acts in my day and I can’t honestly say that I’ve ever seen a bad live show, but Local H, who I’ve seen live before, gives their fans that little bit of extra. Local H is the epitome of Rock N’ Roll Professionals at work. They started the night off with their latest single, a fantastic cover version of The National‘s “Terrible Love” and the audience was taken for a wild ride for over an hour and a half. Scott did his whole Scott Rock thing and played his heart out. Brian was a speed demon on the drums and it was a thrill to see him working the skins one last time.

All in all, Local H left it all on the stage that night at Santos and I could’ve used seven more encores from the band, but I walked away that night with the biggest smile on face. That’s saying a lot. I’m not the smiling type, but I was ear to ear that night. I got to meet Brian St. Clair, the hardest working drummer alive, and the living legend that is Scott Lucas. Maybe to some that’s going a little too far, but hell, I don’t come to your homes and tell you who your musical heroes should be, so don’t judge me for mine. On a personal note, I just wanted to say thank you to Scott for taking the time to speak with my brother and I, and just like you autographed on my 68 Angry Minutes DVD, having met you, I guess I could up and “kick the bucket” now.

Listen up New York!! Nay. Listen up world!! If you find out that Local H is coming to town, I don’t care what else you have going on the night of the show, drop it. Local H is not to be missed. Ever. It’s Rock N’ Roll, it’s in your face, they are Local H and they came to melt your face with ROCK!! We could all do with a little face melting every once in a while, could we not?

… Oh, one last thing, I asked, but alas, I still don’t know what the “H” in Local H means. Oh well.

If you have yet to do so, I highly recommend picking up the latest release(s) from Local H, and lucky you, kilScene.com hooked you up right here:

Hallelujah! I’m A Bum

Another February EP

Now that I’ve gotten all of that out of the way, I invite you all to enjoy the majesty of Rock that is LOCAL H…


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