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In an era where radio is dominated by Mumsfordian-laced melodies, Machine Elves and their debut album, Fancy Suits & Cigarettes is a breath of fresh air.

Fancy Suits & Cigarettes is a breath of fresh air.

This as-yet unsigned, Brooklyn born group have it all you could want in a rock group: otherworldly guitar licks (Lou La Rocco and Frank Fasano), kick-a-hole-in-the-center-of-your-heart drum patterns (Tommy Mitchell), Thumper-like bass lines (Howie Blatz), and pulling it all together, oozing with Jagger Swagger, a vocalist who knows how to drop you to your knees through your speakers (Joey Calveri).
The album opener is an intro that transports the listener to some cosmic wonderment only to make room for the space like chords of the self-titled first track, Machine Elves, a bop your head and shake what your mama gave you party rock monster. The party continues with Running Off The Edge. Now by the time Running Off The Edge ends, you fool yourself into thinking, “Phew…okay, what now? A slower number to calm the waters?” Nope. Relentless are these local Brooklyn boys in the art of rocking out. (There is a moment of calm as it turns out. Track 8, affectionally titledIce Cream”.  I could say more about this track, but then again, I won’t. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

I won’t. I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

All I will say is that,something as innocent as the sound of the ice cream music blaring as the truck slowly makes its way through your neighborhood will give you pause. Where as before you thought nothing of chasing it down for a vanilla cone with rainbow sprinkles, now you’ll think twice.

There are so many notable tracks worth mentioning, like the rock hard, shake your hips this way and that, sex-fueled, pimptastic, “Stripper”. This song was written to be danced to on a pole. In other words, it’s ready for The Club and I’ll say it right here and now, it’s a track that’s not too far away from being in heavy rotation at any scantly clad establishment.
Machine Elves and their fantastic debut album reinvigorated for me, the belief that rock is not dead, it just lay dormant for a while, but now is ready to bust through the doors and re-introduce itself to the masses in the form of these native sons of Rockdom. All I can say is, welcome boys! If you have yet to pick this masterpiece of party rock up, then what in the blue hell are you waiting for?

Fancy Suits & Cigarettes

is available now for download from iTunes and Amazon.

check out their ARTIST page here.


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