Bunbury Festival • Up Close with The Black Cadillacs

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… dark, swirling rain, and lightning flashing everywhere. Mother Nature was not going to stop me. The weather forecaster that reported sunshine and eighty-eight degree temperatures should be damned! On the last day, at the least fortuitous moment, a torrential downpour enforced its wrath on the city of Cincinnati’s Sawyer[…]

kilScene • One Year Later …

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… we wanted to be the anti-Rolling Stone … Wow. One year ago today, kilScene.com went live. That’s right. kilScene.com went live on Father’s Day, June 16th, 2013. It’s crazy how far we’ve gone, and, how much further we have left to go. kilScene.com came into fruition because people like[…]

Walking Papers • Voice Of An Angell

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Our ears bleed due to most mainstream music that is unapologetically being shoved down our throats… In the metaphoric minefield of lost music groups, there have been many artists with talent to burn that never received their proper due. A few that come to mind are Big Star of Memphis,[…]

Got You Cover’d • Hallelujah

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Jeff Buckley was that voice and “Hallelujah” was the song destined for him alone. In 1984, songwriter Leonard Cohen released his single “Hallelujah“. This high holy song was hell initially as it consisted of eighty verses before being editing. A Leonard Cohen composition though it may be, it didn’t find[…]