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Monster Brew • A Different Kind Of Strange

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…and yet, that’s the thing about secrets. The best ones are often too damn good to stay secrets for too long and as such, Monster Brew’s time has come.

Picture if you will the monotony of radio friendly rock where mediocre shlubs the likes of Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters are heralded as the saviors of Rock. Pretty ridiculous if you think about it, and yet, that’s the face of it. Nothing else more important is happening in modern rock if Grohl is not involved in some form or fashion. I call bullshit. The Foo’s didn’t save rock n’ roll, they bastardized it. Rock is safe in the loving arms of Clear Channel’s chosen saviors. Except guess what? I didn’t choose the Foo to “save” my rock n’ roll. Oh, and by the way, rock is not supposed to be safe. Those that produce rock are not supposed to ever feel contention to the point where every new album becomes watered down product. It’s rote and fucking boring. Luckily, we have satellite radio to save us from Top 40 hell. This is a theme I come back to time and again like some dogmatic mantra because my loathing for what’s become popular has left, and continues to leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Thank goodness there are sensible people out there who refuse to fall victim to modern rock radio blahness. Thank gawd for those bands that keep on pushing and producing really amazing music; who shun contentment, and prefer instead to stay hungry. Monster Brew is such a band.

Monster Brew are a band that consists of four lads: There’s Andrew Doyle (lead vocals), Taso Theo (bass/background vox), Lex Doyle (guitar/background vox) and Neil Myers (drums). The Brothers Brew just released their debut album, A Different Kind Of Strange on iTunes and Google Play and it is a banger! A Different Kind Of Strange is everything but routine. It’s some parts rollercoaster ride, some parts night time convertible top down drive out in the middle of the desert with a mass of swirling vultures hovering overhead, longing for their next meal. Dramatic though you might color my description, but if an album were an ever evolving painting set to music, this album really is it.

Songs like “Tin Man“, “The Last Temptation Of Angry Jesus”, “A Different Kind Of Strange” and  “Brooklyn Pride” really have your head involuntarily bopping this way and that. The album as a whole will leave you longing for more, but as more does not currently exists (unless we’re talking about Monster Brew’s live shows. If we’re talking about Monster Brew’s live shows then that most certainly is a way to soothe the savage beast which Monster Brew has woken inside of you and we get into that a little later in the article.)

the name stuck is the fact that we all come from different musical backgrounds so we are a monstrous brew of opinions and inputs. And wouldn’t have it any other way.


Monster Brew has really been picking up steam as of late and why not? It couldn’t happen to a better bunch of lads. Full disclosure here: I have a personal relationship and history with the band. I’m proud to say that I call them friends (and for at least one band member, family.) Yet, that all becomes moot because this isn’t me hyping them up because I know them, that doesn’t really factor into it here. It’s all about the music. Everything else pales in comparison when it comes to the music. You know, I used to say that Monster Brew are Brooklyn’s best kept secret. Hell, I was saying that when even Brooklyn didn’t know who the fuck Monster Brew was; and yet, that’s the thing about secrets. The best ones are often too damn good to stay secrets for too long and as such, Monster Brew’s time has come. This journey started back in 2013 and a short, four years later, it feels like the dam is about to burst, the genie wants out of the bottle, the Brew is ready to rock all your collective socks off. Read on and discover Monster Brew for yourselves through the band’s words. The interview got a little Spinal Tap-ish at times, but what great interview doesn’t? Without further delay, here it is. Monster Brew: The Interview. Get yourselves initiated!

 I really caught the grunge bug with Nirvana and all of them and then I really got into punk and ska when I got to high school.

 kilScene ● Firstly, I’m curious as to find out how you four came to choose the instruments that you did. What influenced you each to gravitate towards your chosen instrument? Andrew, when did you first discover you had a voice?

Taso ● In high school when everyone else seemed to be learning guitar and everyone really needed a bass player. (Real answer: my fingers felt too fat for the guitar). Plus Ed Harris and Flea being the coolest. But musically I gravitated towards the style of Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Stuart Zender (Jamiroquai) and Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots).

Andrew ● Well I started off singing in our churches youth choir…but ended up absolutely hating it after a while and quit ..the choir director was crazy strict and demanding..and i was a punk ass bratty  kid. As a kid i loved elvis and Michael Jackson… then as a teen I got big into Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots,  Pearl Jam (shocker)…which influenced me to learn how to play guitar and eventually write songs.

Taso ● … I bet you will get 4 different answers for the origins of the name. The way I remember it there was something that my son had been talking about through the week. Repeating fire monster or something of that sort. So the word monster was stuck in my head. Naturally when trying to pick a name all of my recommendations had the word monster. Then we all had a meeting at Andrew and Lex’s place and we had a lot of beers. So therefore Monster Brew. But the reason in my personal opinion of why the name stuck is the fact that we all come from different musical backgrounds so we are a monstrous brew of opinions and inputs. And wouldn’t have it any other way.




Neil ● I met a friend when I was in high school (Bordino) and he was really good on guitar.  I bought a guitar when I was 11 but it fizzled out. I really wanted to be in a band and when i heard him play I used the money from my summer job and bought a crappy groove percussion set and just started fucking around.  I met up with Lex and Andrew years later with Mordecai.  I was the last to join the Brew Crew. They had like 5 songs already.

I was really into classic rock at first. Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath, The Doors.  I really caught the grunge bug with Nirvana and all of them and then I really got into punk and ska when I got to high school.

Lex ● I started by learning classical music on the Flute but my interests were in the sounds of Hendrix, Santana, and Brian May. I saw my brother beginning to learn the guitar from a neighbor and got extremely jealous. I took 5 lessons and practiced and practiced. Started playing in bands with friends, Andrew being a constant part of my changing bands. I found Neil down the block and began Mordecai. Joined R.O.A. with Taso after one fateful opening mic night in Bay Ridge ‘s old watering hole known as Canteena. After another band fizzled out, Andrew and I rejoined Taso and then Neil. We never decided on our band name though, just got tired of not having a name. We would prefer to call ourselves TMNOISE.

Taso ● Do not print those lies spewing out of Lex’s mouth. TMNoise @&$&@&&@/”

Lex ● … Just think about it….

Neil ● It is starting to grow on me a bit Lex…

Taso ● Noooooooooo!!

Andrew ● I quit.

Neil ● … I said a bit.

kilScene ●  What is this TMNOISE and what’s the back story behind that name?
Lex ● It’s based upon a reaction to our music from a family friend of Andrew and I who had to leave our performance complaining of “too much noise”. I wanted to boil it down to something more palatable and mysterious sounding also- a la STP. I thought TMNOISE could be interpreted different ways- TradeMarked Noise.  Truly Magnificent Noise. Whatever you want it to stand for. Also, a lot of new bands are naming themselves with abbreviations. I’ll be outlining more of the reasons behind it and why it is a great idea in my zero  credit Advanced Marketing course starting next Fall, so register now!
[Editor’s note: This whole TMNoise band name that never was back and forth among the band went on a while. Moving on …]

kilScene ● I know that a majority of your songs come from jamming. Lyrics wise though, is Andrew the main lyricist? Or do you all contribute on that front as well?

Andrew ● Yes.

kilScene ● Yes what? You all contribute lyrically?

Andrew ● Lex wrote a part in the song “Brooklyn Pride”.

Lex ● I wrote the last lyrical part of the song before the rap outro…

Taso ● I wrote the “Hey’s” on “Chicken Grease”.

Neil ● Sometimes I sing along.  That is about it on my end.

Taso ● I think we are an interesting mix because we don’t really feel like most bands do. We all bring ideas to the  mix and then agree to whatever Andrew says.

Andrew ● I didnt approve that last statement, Taso.

Taso ● I’m sorry Andrew. Do you concur?

Andrew ● Yes.

Taso ● Interesting little fact on the logo of the monster. The monster only has four teeth. One for each member. I don’t know if we could ever add an additional permanent member. We have developed a pretty nice chemistry.

kilScene ● Okay, cool, so theres a collaborative element on ALL fronts in the song writing.

Back in 2014, Monster Brew recorded a bunch of demos that you guys gave away at your shows. Two months ago, you guys officially released your debut album,  A Different Kind of Strange on Google Play and iTunes. Of those first demos, only three songs, “Changing, “It’s A Pity” and “Woo Hoo” were re-recorded for your debut.
Any chance that those first demos ever see an official release?

Taso ● I think we enjoy writing new stuff too much to revisit those. But anything is possible. If we do they won’t sound the same I can guarantee that.

Andrew ● I doubt it…but if one or all of us feel strongly enough, it could happen.

kilScene ● Can any of you say if there’s an end game to Monster Brew ? Is there a bucket list of sorts for the band?

Taso ● Win the lottery, buy a band house, stock it with gear and brew and have a monster good time forever.

Andrew ● Copyright the band name TMNoise…and then bury it forever and ever.

Neil ● I would love to quit my job and play music.  I think about it at times, it seems unrealistic, but it doesn’t hurt to dream. I think our songs are good and the music is rocking.  I think if people heard them they would like us.

kilScene ● I’ll take it. All solid answers. So lastly, what’s on Monster Brew’s immediate horizon?

Neil ● I just want to play shows. Go to different places, maybe some neighboring states and get the songs out there. Get people grooving. Make america groove again!

Taso ● Play as many live shows as possible. What Neil said.

Andrew ●  I think its important we start making  music videos and becoming stronger in social media; not only spread our tunes but who we are as a group and as individuals.

… So there you have it party people. You just got up close and personal with your potential new favorite band. How was the ride for you? Want more Monster Brew? This Friday, April 21st at the Alphabet Lounge (104 Avenue C, New York, NY, ) Monster Brew are performing along with Behind The Bullet and  Soul Unhinged. The show starts at 7:30.

Also (and this is a big one, folks!…) On Sunday, April 30th at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ (1409 Queen Anne Rd, Teaneck, NJ 07666), Monster Brew has the great pleasure of opening up for Local H. Doors open at 6:30pm and Monster Brew goes on at 8pm. Tickets for the Local H/Monster Brew show are a measly $15 and guess what?  It’s your lucky day! You can email Monster Brew directly (Monsterbrewband@gmail.com)  and set yourselves up for what’s sure to be an amazing show! You can purchase a copy of Monster Brew’s debut album, “A Different Kind Of Strange” by clicking on the following links:

Google Play 


Get yourselves initiated into the Brew Crew! You can follow up on all things  Monster Brew at the following places:

Monster Brew’s Official Website

● Monster Brew Facebook

Email Monster Brew directly to get your tickets to their upcoming show with Local H and any and all other inquiries at the following address:

● Monsterbrewband@gmail.com

Photos ● Monster Brew and Demetri Panagiotakos



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