Fuckin’ Eh! Anvil Bring The Thunder To Santos!!

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Anvil is THE band that pretty much invented thrash metal Last Tuesday, May 20th was a long time coming my friends. Like many people out there, metal masters, Anvil, sort of flew under my musically inclined radar for quite some time. Sure, I was well aware of their massive hits,[…]

Free For All Fridays • Irréversible

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As if we didn’t cover enough categories here at kilScene.com, we realized that we had nothing for Friday. Unless there was a concert review, we pretty much left Friday blank. I say no more my friends. I would like to introduce you to the latest feature to the kilScene family,[…]

Reignwolf Rising • The Rave, Milwaukee, WI

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Two out of every three comments after the review weren’t even about the Pixies, but about the opening act, Reignwolf. Eight months of anticipation. Eight months of build-up after reading the first echoes about this mysterious Canuck from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan in the comment section of a Pixies review. The Pixies[…]

Desert Island Thursday • Peace Thru Vandalism

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Punk’s Big Four are hitting the road this summer starting on July 29 in Pittsburgh, PA. Back in 1994, four of the biggest names in punk rock got together to perform on the same stage for a show dubbed Punk Rock’s Summer Nationals. Bad Religion, Pennywise, The Offspring, and The[…]

Badfish Brings It Sublime Styley!!

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… they may not be a part of this realm anymore, spirits really do live on. Unless you’ve been living under several rocks, then you’ve heard of Badfish. Badfish is a tribute band dedicated to playing the music of Sublime. Huh, what? I thought there was already somebody doing that?[…]

Desert Island Thursday • OK Computer

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… I hate that I’m even saying this considering how much they’ve prostituted themselves over the years … 1997 was the year for Radiohead, was it not? Radiohead was a band that people who liked music happened to gravitate towards almost immediately. Radiohead released their debut album, 1993’s Pablo Honey[…]

D’NT • Live From Shea Stadium!

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D’NT came to Shea Stadium… and rocked my face with their brand of rock again! I’ve been looking forward to this past Thursday for weeks. One of my new favorite bands, D’NT (Aaron Lazar and Mitchell King) first came into my life back in March at a different show, and[…]