Local H Fire It Up At Mercury!!

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We as fans of The Rock (the genre, not the shitty juiced up wrestler turned actor) need a band like Local H to visit us to refuel our longing for a genre that they made better just by being in it. Hello my fellow kilSters! So I’ve been hyping this[…]

The Metal Spirit Of Game Of Thrones

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… ever since I started reading George R.R. Martin’s fantastic books, the stories always seemed a bit metal to me. Winter Is Coming, my fellow kilSters! Winter Is Coming! Fire and Blood!, Hear Me Roar! Whatever House you root for, it’s all part of the fun, fantasy, and fatalities that[…]

Say Yes To D’NT!

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D’NT is like Irish coffee with a dash of gasoline added to the mix. March 23rd doesn’t seem so long ago, but for me, it feels like it’s been forever since I first saw D’NT live at The Grand Victory. Why am I so hooked on this band? Was it[…]

Lounge Act • The Spirit Of Nirvana Is Alive!

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Saturday, April 5th was, as we all know, the 20 year anniversary of Kurt Cobain‘s death. Exactly a week prior to the anniversary, kilScene.com was invited to come down to the Parkside Lounge in New York City to witness on Kurt’s D-day, Lounge Act, a band who pays tribute to[…]

She Said Fire Burned Slake Alive!!

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Let the thinking and pacing begin. Friday, March 28th. I started the day bummed out. Bummed out why? Well, hometown heroes, She Said Fire were set to have their first show in New York City in Gawd knows how long and unfortunately, I didn’t have the funds to attend. Let[…]

Rough Francis Punked It Up At The Grand Victory!!

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The Grand Victory?! Brooklyn?! Tonight?!! I am so fucking there!!! Saturday, March 23rd was supposed to be just another easy Saturday. I never expected to go to another show after attending one the night before. That’s not how things panned out thanks to Twitter and my unwavering need to rock[…]

Paulos Sidiropoulos • The Prince Of Greek Rock

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dig right in, you might just enjoy it. Today is March 25th and while for some that’s just another day on the calender, for Greek people living here and abroad, March 25, 1821 will always be remembered as our day of independence, and as such we celebrate the day anyway[…]