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Random Recipe • This Is What Killin’ It Sounds Like!!

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Together Random Recipe is a fun escape from the reality of the humdrum and mundane.

Random Recipe, anyone? If the answer is “No, not a clue. Who??” Then come along and let me school you on a group that has been missing from your lives. Random Recipe’s sound is not easily defined. It’s hip hop, it’s alternative, it’s trip hop, it’s electro. What is it? It’s Random Recipe. ‘Nuff said. Random Recipe consists of Frannie Holder (vocalist/occasional guitar player), Fab (vocalist/beat-boxing madwoman/steel drum basher), Liu-Kong Ha (percussionist), and Vincent Legault (guitar). Together Random Recipe is a fun escape from the reality of the humdrum and mundane.


… they left me feigning for more.

On January 28th of this year, I had the great privilege to be invited down to their New York show at Piano’s. I had their latest album, Kill The Hook (released on October 8th), sent to me ahead of time and where as I could’ve listened to it, just to get an idea what I was in store for, I chose instead to go to Piano’s blind. It’s my belief that any band could sound good on a record; though the real trick is, could they pull it off live? Random Recipe delivered in spades! The group was set to go on at 7pm. I get there a half hour prior and proceed to ply myself with Maker’s Mark just to give myself that little buzz going. You know, in case they sucked. You know what? I had that Maker’s Mark buzz going when the group finally hit the stage, but no need. I was buzzing from Random Recipe’s performance. It was high energy from the first song to the last and then they were done. I regretted not listening to their album ahead of time because when they exited the stage, they left me feigning for more.


Random Recipe should be on the tips on everyone’s lips.

Frannie, Fab, Vincent, and Liu became my friends (in my mind), and every time I listen to their two albums (their debut album, Fold It! Mold It! was released in 2010), I am transported to that happy place in my brain and it’s January 28th all over again. Even now as I sit and write this review while listening to Kill The Hook for the fifth time today, I get annoyed that Random Recipe is not bigger in the States than they are. When people think good chill music, Random Recipe should be on the tips on everyone’s lips.

The Katy Perrys, Kanye Wests, and the Robin Thickes are not the end all, be all of music! Here you have a fine groove machine like Random Recipe and they’re playing places like Piano’s …

Let me get serious for a moment here: How many of you out there are sick of the same old, same old that we’re subjected to on the radio? I know I’m not the only one. The Katy Perrys, Kanye Wests, and the Robin Thickes are not the end all, be all of music! Here you have a fine groove machine like Random Recipe and they’re playing places like Piano’s, which is fine. Piano’s is a fine establishment, but if you were in the audience that night, one thought would’ve surely ran through your minds while watching Random Recipe’s performance and that is, “Why aren’t they playing Madison Square Garden?” Random Recipe’s live act is too big for Piano’s. Oh well. Maybe one day people will get it through their heads that there’s music out there that deserves to be showcased on a national scale. Music is much more than contemporary hit makers, it’s groups like Random Recipe who reinvigorate the musical landscape and here’s hoping that the unseen bigwigs that control said musical landscape take their heads out of their asses and start listening.


kilScene.com conducted an exclusive interview with Random Recipe while they were on the road promoting Kill The Hook. Enjoy!

kilScene • How did you guys get together?

Random RecipeFrannie and Fab met 7 years ago outside a concert venue in Montreal. Frannie’s stalking specialties made her find Fab quickly the next day on Myspace. They became friends and together they played, with no musical background whatsoever, on sidewalks outside of bars, in fastfood late night pizza joints, at birthday parties, for scouts, and even in 4am cab rides home. They went to see a show and they didn’t want to pay the entrance fee and traded it for a song on stage. Someone filmed the thing and it went viral. A few weeks later we were sitting with record labels and getting booked for shows. The boys joined the group 24 hours before a show at Fringe fest when the girls realized it was quite a deal back in the days and asked them for help. Been together since.

kS • What was the contributing factor that made you want to make music your life’s work?

rRWell, the boys have been at it pretty much their whole lives, from studying music in school to accompanying some of Quebec’s biggest artists. It was already in their career path.
Frannie and Fab on the other hand, where avid travellers. They loved being curious and discovering new places, people and cultures. But one of the main components to their travels (as well as their everyday lives) was music. They could not live without it. All genres combined. So as lame as it may sound, they sat down one day and asked themselves “what kind of job can we do that will pay us to travel? Oh let’s do music!!”. Now, it’s for the challenge. We love being put in risky situations and see what you are capable of, how you’ll react and adapt. And there’s nothing better then the stage to challenge you in every way possible.

kS • Who were some of your influences growing up?

rREverytime we talk about our influences, we realize that growing up in the 90s goes way further than music. Food, fashion, sports, videogames, movies & TV shows, just to name a few definitely influenced our lifestyles. Vince and Liu’s long bleached hair was just a little sign of their love for grunge music like Nirvana and The Smashing Pumpkins, and would stay up all night playing Street Fighter at the arcades. Frannie and Fab were still youngin’, doing backyard swimming pool choreographies to No Doubt, Will Smith and Ace of Base‘s hits.

kS • What inspires your music?

rREveryday life. Friendships, relationships, life’s easy and hard times, struggles and challenges, politics, childhood memories, fatherhood (Vince is a dad!), internal band loves and conflicts. We play what we like to listen to, we create a reflection of what we live, we tell stories and we dream and wish out loud.

kS • Do you prefer the studio or the stage?

rRVince and Liu nail all the “one takes” in a studio. Frannie and Fab kill it on a stage.

kS • In your opinions, what was the greatest era for music?

rRReally tough question. The ’90’s are notorious for “one-hit-wonders” and great hooks. That era definitely is great. The ’40’s and ’50’s were great too. The new techniques and “swagger” behind playing an instrument and transforming music into a lifestyle. Women also came out strong (Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald) and gave an interesting path to any female performer until now (Janis Joplin, Salt n’ Pepa, Celine Dion… HA).

kS • What is your guilty pleasure group/artist?

rRWell… Frannie very sadly just discovered that she liked a few tracks on the latest Justin Bieber… not a Belieber though.

kS • If you could have any group open up for you, active or non, who would it be?

rROutkast, N.E.R.D, Queen.

kS • What’s the true story behind the groups’ name?

rRFrannie and Fab would always brainstorm names of things they didn’t have. Lame but true. Like if they had a pet Monkey, or the name of a new country or city, or the name of a chocolate bar. Well Random Recipe came up for a band name. Because all the events happening in our lives were so unpredictable and random, and the mix of them all as well as the music we liked made it an interesting recipe.

kS • What’s the best movie you’ve seen from the recent past and why?

rRHUSTLE & FLOW is our band movie.

kS • What’s the thought process that you go into when thinking about what songs you want to cover?

rRTaking what it is we love about that track and own it as if it were ours.

kS • Do you road test newly written songs?

rRActually we write our songs on the road on the way to shows and play them the same night. That, and Vince makes his little baby boy listen to tracks and see if he laughs or cries.

kS • Any funny stories from the road that you care to share?

rRThey are generally rated R or are simply inappropriate. Anyways… it’s a golden rule….what happens on tour stays on tour…

Want more Random Recipe? Check them out at their official website and allow yourselves to melt into their grooves!

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