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Soundtrack Saturday • Queen Of The Damned

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…meticulously chosen to represent the life and experiences of a vampire with an eternity of existence.

Hello and welcome to another addition to Soundtrack Saturday. Today’s entry is a pretty good one me thinks. For this Saturday we travel back to March 1, 2002. On this day, the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack was released. The movie itself was okay, but the soundtrack was even better. Stepping from behind the mic as lead singer of Korn, Jonathan Davis wrote nine songs for the soundtrack (ultimately only five were used and another one, Careless, was later used by Davis for his Alone I Play live DVD. Two other songs were recorded but they too were not included on the soundtrack or on any other Jonathan Davis musical venture.)

Although Jonathan had a big part to play in the coming together of the Queen Of The Damned, contractually, he was not allowed to perform any of the songs himself. The main character in the film, the Vampire Lestat was a rock star in the movie who’s music captivated all who heard it. Lestat’s vocal performances were actually sung by L. Shankar, who trained with Jonathan Davis to get all of Davis’ vocal inflections down.

Since Jonathan Davis was not allowed by Sony to provide any vocals for the soundtrack, Jonathan enlisted the help of his friends Marilyn Manson (Marilyn Manson), David Draiman (Disturbed), Chester Benington (Linkin Park, Stone Temple Pilots), Jay Gordon (Orgy) and Wayne Static (Static X) to perform the songs he had written on the soundtrack. Along with the Jonathan Davis tracks, the soundtrack also features songs by the Deftones, Papa Roach, Dry Cell Earshot, Tricky, and Kidneythieves.


…[the] tracks ooze with such longing and melancholy

All the songs featured on the soundtrack were meticulously chosen to represent the life and experiences of a vampire with an eternity of existence. The movie might not have been all that and a bag of potato chips, but the soundtrack is something special. Just think of it, Jonathan Davis pulled together all these great hard rock/alt rock artists to contribute to a stellar batch of songs and in essence, to help add to the mythology of Lestat and Akasha. The Queen Of The Damned soundtrack is filled with with the kind of mood music loud and hard enough to get you through your day. It’s such a fantastic record that it definitely could stand alone sans the movie. The Jonathan Davis tracks ooze with such longing and melancholy, and the artists that cover his songs definitely pay the ultimate respect to Jonathan, who once again brought his “A” game when it came time for him to delve within himself to produce some of the most beautiful, heart wrenching songs that only Jonathan Davis could produce.

There was a reissue of the soundtrack with the Jonathan Davis tracks as sung by Jonathan and although the respective artists he picked to cover his songs did a stellar job, to listen to Jonathan Davis’ songs as sung by the man himself makes one long for the Korn before Jonathan found contentment and resolution in his life, thusly making for a mediocre, somewhat happy Korn. Let me stop myself. This is not about Korn. This is about the Queen Of The Damned soundtrack and when it comes to soundtracks, if you love your music nice and hard, then, what the hell are you waiting for. Oh what? Not a Korn/Jonathan Davis fan? That’s okay folks, you can just skip over his tracks, there’s enough here to whet your metal whistle with.

You can purchase this fantabulous soundtrack right here.


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