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Sunday Sounds From The Underground • Meet The Scene’s Best Kept Secret…

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Family doesn’t get an inch from me. Good music, on the other hand, does.

It’s been a while since I’ve been really excited about something that’s come out of the ether. This Brooklyn based band got together some time late last year, and I happen to know the bass player. He’s family. Some might call that bias, and for those that do, I just have one thing to say to those people: you don’t know me. Family doesn’t get an inch from me. Good music, on the other hand, does.

as luck, and just an unyielding hunger to make music together would have it, Taso, Lex, and Andrew came together to do it again.

Andrew Doyle, Taso Theo, and Lex Doyle are not new to each other. They were in another band together from the Way Back. The now-defunct Republic Of Apes; an outfit that included a white boy rapper (Stamatis Xenakis) with mad skills and drummer ( Dennis Sadita). The Republic of Apes music had something for everyone. It crossed genre lines and the members of the band we’re musically tight. Alas, the Apes didn’t last too long though. The Republic Of Apes went on hiatus and two members of the group went on to explore other ventures. Luckily, one failed attempt was not enough to keep these lads apart and as luck, and just an unyielding hunger to make music together would have it, three of the Apes: Taso, Lex, and Andrew came together to do it again.

Lead singer, Andrew sings with a soul reminiscent of the late, great, Bradley Nowell of Sublime. The comparisons to Bradley Nowell are minimal when one hears Andrew belt it out. He sings with such emotion and he makes it all look so easy. His lyrics are strewn together at a moment’s notice, working off of the music that comes together fluidly by Taso and Lex. The stories that come out of said songs cover a myriad of topics: loves lost, drinking, and pretty much every day life. In Andrew’s lyrics anyone can find something relatable to latch on to. Taso’s bass lines are inspired and form the basis of many of the band’s songs. He plays with an ease and expertise that one wouldn’t expect from someone who started playing not too long ago. Lex Doyle’s riffs are ethereal and flow swimmingly in each and every song. Lex, when playing off of Taso and Andrew’s free flows has come up with really wonderful parts, which compliments the magic that happens when these three get in a room together.


Their music transcends and soon we’ll all be singing along.

You might have noticed that I have yet to mention a name for this band and well, that’s because there isn’t one yet. The band’s main focus has been in creating the music. Andrew, Taso, and Lex are a musical marriage that makes every bit of sense. These three were made for each other, and every time I’ve seen them rehearse their tunes and just seeing how easily it all comes together, I’m hard pressed in thinking about another group that I have known personally that have such tight chemistry. For Taso, Lex, and Andrew music is the Lord and Savior. Music trumps all for these boys and as long as they stay on the path they’re currently on, I have no doubt that we’ll all be singing along to Andrew’s words, grooving this way and that to Taso’s bass lines, and immersing ourselves in Lex’s killer riffs.


For now, this band is Brooklyn’s best kept secret. Hell, Brooklyn doesn’t even know what they have coming their way, but once they feel their ready to venture out into the world, I have no doubt that they’ll be welcomed with open arms and what’s more, I believe that once they do get out there, forget Brooklyn, forget New York, these boys cannot be contained by any state or borough. They have a bigger audience out there on to which to impart their music on. Their music transcends and soon we’ll all be singing along.

How about this. Don’t take my word for it, I could be bias after all and this could be bullshit (but except it’s not and I’m not.) Below I have included some of the band’s demos. Listen to the awesomeness and judge for yourselves. Thank me later…

Calling all my peeps out there in kilScenedom!! Here is your opportunity to christen one of your own! Starting today (December 23rd) until December 29th, kilScene.com will be taking suggestions for band names. Taso Theo, Lex Doyle, and Andrew Doyle are in a band that is Brooklyn based and believe me when I tell you, their music is tight and oh so right!! Alas, they’re stuck when it comes to choosing a name for their Über awesome band. That’s where you come in. All suggestions are welcome, nothing is too ridiculous, nothing is taboo, it’s all goooood.

I have posted a few of this band’s tracks. Listen to them. Get a feel for them. Let me know what you think. You can either leave your suggestions for band names in comment box below this article, or on kilScene’s official Facebook page in their comments page or on our Twitter page ( @kilscene ). You can also e-mail kilScene directly at info@kilscene.com. If you e-mail your suggestions, in the subject line please put your name, ATTN: Band Name. In the body of the e-mail, let your imagination run free. What sort of name did the band’s music communicate to you?

This is your chance. This is your moment. An imagination is a terrible thing to waste. Christen away!!

I’ll get this going: The R.I.O.T
Now you go…


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