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How does one go about explaining MUTEMATH’s music? I don’t know, but during the course of this blog, I’ll sure give it my best shot. MUTEMATH formed in 2001 as a collaboration between Paul Meany (lead singer/keyboardist) and Darren King (drummer). When I say collaboration, I mean crossing state lines, that sort of collaboration. Darren (Missouri) would send Paul (New Orleans) instrumental CD’s. Paul for his effort would toy with the instrumentals and send the revised tunes back over to Darren. After several months of this back and forth between Darren and Paul, Paul asked Darren to drum for his then band, the Christian rock outfit, Earthsuit. When that group finally dissolved, Paul and Darren started a band of their own. Darren moved from his native Missouri and relocated to ‘Nawlins, where after working on a few demos that showed promise, the duo recruited Greg Hill, writing another batch of songs that would find their way on the group’s first EP simply titled Reset. With the final addition of bassist Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas, MUTEMATH was officially on their way to greatness. As it happens with groups, members come, members go, the band keeps rocking. In 2011, while in the process of writing their latest release, Odd Soul, the pressure got to be too much for original guitarist Greg Hill, and he effectively left the group. The group went on to record the album as a trio eventually recruiting Todd Gummerman to handle axe duties.

My first introduction to MUTEMATH was my brother. This cat always has his ear out to what’s new and, most importantly, what’s good. MUTEMATH was such an experience. I had just come home one day from a long night of boozing and basically doing deplorable, depraved things and I happen to walk into the house as Armistice , MUTEMATH’s first full lenghth was blaring out of the speakers. The song that was playing at the time was “Typical“, a radio friendly tune to be sure, but, I don’t listen to the radio anymore because, quite frankly, there’s never anything good on. The song felt like God made a fist and punched me in the face with spirituality. I’m not implying that MUTEMATH are a Christian rock group… actually, I have no idea if they are or aren’t. (Editor’s Note: MUTEMATH is classified as Alternative, so what does that mean? Nothing. Alternative means that you run the gamut on what rock music is and stretch that meaning to its breaking point, thus, Alternative.) It makes no difference to me. Great music is great music no matter what the label (P.O.D, anyone?)

God made a fist and punched me in the face with spirituality.

I could sit here and rack my brain trying to explain to you what other group I could compare MUTEMATH to, but the fact of the matter is, I just can’t. Oh, wait, I got it… MUTEMATH are a damn good piece of rock music that you have probably never heard of, but if you’re a fan of honest to goodness rock, and if I were you, and I believe I am, because I am you, and you are me, and we are one after all, then MUTEMATH is the way to go. I mean it. MUTEMATH defies description. Odd Soul has a waaaay different feel than Armistice and is just as good if not better. But I’m being biased because Odd Soul is my favorite album from these guys. MUTEMATH is a rollicking good time all around. If you don’t believe me, have yourselves a little listen and I await your praise of me in the comments section below. You can purchase Odd Soul and the rest of MUTEMATH’s catalog of music here.

if I were you, and I believe I am, because I am you, and you are me, and we are one after all, then MUTEMATH is the way to go.

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