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Sunday Sounds From The Underground • St. Vincent

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St. Vincent is a genre onto herself, mixing and matching styles and coming out out with her own Frankenstein design.

Hello, my fellow kilSters, and welcome to a brand new edition of Sunday Sounds From The Underground! On today’s SSFTU we will be taking a look at indie sensation and my favorite new(ish) artist, St. Vincent. St. Vincent is the stage name of Tulsa, Oklahoma native, current New York resident, Annie Clark. St. Vincent is another one of those “…and the kitchen sink”-type of artists. She puts sounds together that you wouldn’t think would work. She’s a musical chameleon in that she cannot, in good faith, be labeled. St. Vincent is a genre onto herself, mixing and matching styles and coming out with her own Frankenstein design.

St. Vincent was once apart of the ultra popular indie group, The Polyphonic Spree and has worked with Mr. Psycho Killer himself, David Byrne. This musical prodigy started making music at the tender age of 12. While she was still a student at Berklee College, she released an EP with other Berklee students titled Ratsliveonnoevilstar. After St. Vincent dropped out after three years at Berklee, her musical exploration continued.


Annie Clark needed to branch out and become St. Vincent, and she did just that.

In 2003, Annie Clark joined The Polyphonic Spree as one of the band’s guitarists, but that was not to last. With good reason of course. If you know anything about Annie Clark, aka St. Vincent, then you know that she is too big of a personality to have just resigned herself to the role of just a mere guitarist in a band. Yes, it’s true that guitarists have shined out in many groups, so I’m not knocking them, but St. Vincent greatest achievement to music was not going to be etched out behind a guitar (although the chick has the chops). No, Annie Clark needed to branch out and become St. Vincent, and she did just that.

In 2007 Annie Clark took on the moniker St. Vincent (St. Vincent was her great grandmother’s middle name) for the debut of her first full length album, Marry Me. The album was well received by fans and critics alike. In 2008, St. Vincent won the PLUG Female Artist Of The Year Award.

In 2009, St. Vincent released her follow up album, Actor. Never one to rest on her laurels, St. Vincent once again delivered music that set itself apart from many others. It was clear that St. Vincent was marching to the beat of her own glorious drum. In 2011, St. Vincent released Strange Mercy to glowing reviews and, in my opinion, is her best album to date. As has been the standard with the previous albums, every song on this album is different from the one before it. It’s all very happily chaotic, but you know what? Who cares? We could do with some chaos in our lives.

St. Vincent’s lyrics are layered, beautiful, and strange. Her music is whatever she wants it to be at any particular moment and it all works. There are no mistakes that St. Vincent can make, only happy little accidents. Do yourself a favor my fellow kilSters, and let St. Vincent be your happy little mistake, it’s one you won’t regret making. Feel free to hook yourselves with the awesomeness that is St. Vincent.

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