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…It just grabs you under the rib cage and won’t let go!

I found them through a Twitter post, and an English blog that I follow made them a spotlight for the day. They are The Monday Project, or TMP for short. The duo formed in 2013 and is based out of London. Originally a trio, it was the drummer Luka that suggested they try the duo format that seems to be semi-popular in the recent past. With the success of The Black Keys, The White Stripes, Local H, and even the recent success of fellow countrymen Royal Blood, the format proves that it works. However, do not think that TMP is just a Royal Blood clone trying to ride on their shirt tails. Oh No, TMP are hard rockers, have a sound all their own, and I’d even say rock harder than the aforementioned Royal Blood.


With three singles under their belt, I was informed that they are shooting for an EP with an April release date. From what little stuff I’ve seen and heard, I can’t wait to get my hands on this upcoming EP. The current three singles are “The Waiting Game”, “London Samba”, and the just released “7 Years of Tears”. They also offer a few other original songs on their YouTube channel. 

…a sexually charged force that snakes its way around a room and into your ears.

There appears to be no holding back on any of these songs. Luka’s style of drumming is fierce, direct, and feels like a heads-down, take no prisoners charge. Dario Cinti is the guitarist and vocalist. He has an amazing ability to mix low end guitars to make up for bass lines, without losing high end guitar work that makes these songs bite and flow. Speaking of the low end, Luka has a fantastic ability to add bass drum (both single and double kick) at times in a flawless manner that makes up for any need of a bassist. “London Samba” is a sexually charged force that snakes its way around a room and into your ears. It’s dirty; it’s nasty, and something that is lacking in a lot of rock and roll. After all, rock and roll is supposed to be a little dirty and about forbidden fruit. Or, have Rock Stars forgotten that?! Their new one, “7 Years of Tears” drives. It’s such a great driving song that if you’re not careful a cop is going to pull you over and give you a speeding ticket. On “Holy Fuck! Welcome to Thunderdome” the tones that Cinti evokes from his guitar are amazing. It’s fuzzy, full, wet, muddy, and melodic in a way that entangles the whole song. I mean that tone. It just grabs you under the rib cage and won’t let go!

The Monday Project #10

For a group that hasn’t released an EP, let alone a full album, there is a very professional feel to their mass media. Yeah, yeah….. I’m supposed to write about the music, and that’s fair. However, they sure seem to have some amazing photographers that capture them live. Please take note of those photographers in the corner and their contribution to the visual along with mine of the audio. 

If Mondays were always this amazing, people wouldn’t complain about them. Check out The Monday Project! Their music rocks and hopefully they’ll get the chance to come here to the States to play some gigs. If they get close enough, I’ll certainly be there and you should too!

Want more from The Monday Project? Of course you do! Please feel free to get to know them at the following places:

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