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Walk This Way • kilScene’s Exclusive Interview with Jay Messina!!

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Why should I even bother to continue? Like I said, Jay Messina has been around.

Jay Messina has been around the recording block more than a few times in his long and illustrious career. The man is a legend in the music business. He’s a legend whose worked with legends. His repertoire would make any audiophile salivate. You don’t believe me? Jay Messina has worked on almost every single Aerosmith album. It seems like Jay Messina has worked with everybody in the business who has made some sort of significant mark in the music industry. We’re talking about artists like Lou Reed, Cheap Trick, KISS, Alice Cooper and Miles Davis, just to name a few. Why should I even bother to continue? Like I said, Jay Messina has been around.

What are you waiting for? Walk this way…

Jay Messina is a native of Brooklyn, New York and ever since his friend and mentor, David Lucas, offered him his first job as engineer in the mid-Sixties, it’s been one ride after another for Jay. The experiences have have been many and the stories he told us when we sat down with him some months back had all of jaws to the ground. It’s 2014 and you would think that after so many years in the business that there would be some sort of let up from the man. Not likely. Personally speaking, this was a very special interview for me because I had the chance to sit down with the man who helped bring to life some of the albums that have shaped my life. It was inspiring. I now invite you all to check out our exclusive interview with Jay Messina and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get just a bit giddy inside as we were when we were conducting said interview. What are you waiting for? Walk this way…

to find out more about Jay Messina head over to jaymessina.com


  1. Jay is not only a great Engineer, but also a great mentor to so many people that have had the pleasure of working with him. I was fortunate to have assisted him on many a Remote in the Record Plant days.

  2. Great interview Jay.I am happy to have had you as a mentor and freind in my life and shared many laughs with you along the way. I was waiting for you to mention your knee….LOL… You look great !

  3. Jay Messina… is not only a legendary engineer, producer…..he’s a great friend AND one of the nicest, kindest, and funniest people you would EVER meet. A true pro! …..Love you Mr. Hoopie!

  4. Jay has always been a professional with not only class and witt,he’s truely a GREAT GUY also.The best ears for years!!!!!!!!!!

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